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This afternoon, when I was comming back to school, just after having my cup of tea, when I join in my classroom, there was somebody lying on the floor…dead!

As soon I enter in the room, the police jumped from behind the door and accused me: they were believing that I killed that man! Incredible! Me and killing somebody!!!

The most I was trying to diffend myself, the most they didn’t believe me: all the evidences were against me! There was a knife and the floor…with my fingerprints on it; there was also a gun with the same blood DNA than under my shoes; there was a roap, a broken candle holder and a car key.

No way to escape: it was me!

But I wasn’t there at that time, I was drinking my┬ácoffee… sorry, my tea!

I din’t know what to do any more to diffend myself…

But luckyly, days later, the police find out the real murder: it was Mrs. Rose, and not me. Because, to be honest, just to kill the rainy afternoon…we all were playing Cluedo!