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Last night as I was watching the television I remembered I had left something I needed back at work on the Friday. I left the house and went to look for it. It was late and very hot, I drove my car there as there would notbe any public transport open at that time. I opened the entrance gate with my key but as I went to opened the door to get in the building I noticed this was already opened. How strange as it was Sunday and no one supposed to be here! I was anxious and for some reason, I just silenced my mobile. I went upstairs to the room where I have left what I needed for the following morning. I switched the light on and there he was laid on the floor covered on blood!!! I knew him so I touched him and shouted his name hoping he would be still alive. Soon after the police came and took me to prison, finding me guilty of murder. I must admit I did not like the man and I have had many arguments at work which everyone knew about.