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I just couldn´t take any more of the bureaucracy at the Jefatura, I snapped. I have never done anything like this before and I feel really guilty but they just wouldn´t accept the papers and kept asking for more and more. After three hours being passed around the building and then being told I would have to come back I lost the plot and took the candlestick I´d bought for my friend´s wedding out of my bag and hit the bureaucrat on the back of his head as he turned around to go off for his coffee break. Most of the other stations were already empty so no one saw what I had done, as he fell to the floor I picked up the candlestick, wiped it off and put it back in my bag and walked out of the building. I went outside and got on the next bus that came along, when I had gone several stops from the Jefatura I got off the bus and dropped the candlestick in a recycling bin. The council lorry was coming down the road so I felt confident that the evidence would soon be destroyed. When I eventually got home I turned on the news but nothing was being reported yet. I knew they were on Summer time so I wondered if he would lie there until the cleaners arrived the following morning.

Did I feel guilty or did I feel it was revenge for many years of being told I had the wrong certificate and that I needed triplicate copies?