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I am in jail

Last night as I was watching the television I remembered I had left something I needed back at work on the Friday. I left the house and went to look for it. It was late and very hot, I drove my car there as there would notbe any public transport open at that time. I opened the entrance gate with my key but as I went to opened the door to get in the building I noticed this was already opened. How strange as it was Sunday and no one supposed to be here! I was anxious and for some reason, I just silenced my mobile. I went upstairs to the room where I have left what I needed for the following morning. I switched the light on and there he was laid on the floor covered on blood!!! I knew him so I touched him and shouted his name hoping he would be still alive. Soon after the police came and took me to prison, finding me guilty of murder. I must admit I did not like the man and I have had many arguments at work which everyone knew about.

What if they don’t believe me? I didn’t do it , surely they will realise. But what if they don’t. There was nobody else around. Why did I have to go in that room? I was only looking for my husband.  Oh my God what if they think I am guilty and put me away It happens to innocent people; wrong place, wrong time. What about my children, what will they think. Their mother in prison for murder. They will never be the same again . How will they look people in the face.

Surely I can prove my innocence. My finger marks won’t show up and people will witness my good character. What motive would I have? Except the dead hussy was having an affair with my husband. Oh God what a mess. But I would never have killed her, I don’t have it in me.  I can’t even swat a mosquito. Too much blood.; and I always catch spiders in a glass and put out into the garden.

I don’t believe in God, but please God if you do actually exist please help me and I will worship you forever.

Innocent your honour!

14.15 I discovered a body in the classroom of Year 1. There was an array of different weapons lying around the victims body. I  didnt notice any blood or any evidence of a struggle. I had never seen a dead body before.  And then the whole teaching staff entered the classroom. I hadn´t done anything. I shouldn´t be afraid. Why was I sweating? Why was I finding it difficult to breathe? They all looked at me as if I was the culprit.  Guilty before being found innocent it seems. I tried to tell them that I had just entered before them, that someone must have seen me go in.

14.25 The staff left the class with accusatory looks at me. I knew things from then on would never be the same. I stayed in the classroom. I was frozen with fear. No idea why.  Im innocent!

How did this happen? I will never live with myself.  I´m terrified now but I had never felt anger like it.  My blood was boiling and I just couldn´t stop.

My bag had gone missing a few days before and I couldn´t find it anywhere.  I asked everyone if they had seen it and no-one had.  I had lost all my cards and a lot of money had been stolen from my account.  I was distraught and didn´t know how I would cope without the money.  A week later I was walking to school and met up for my best friend who was also a colleague.  My bank cards dropped out of her purse.  I just saw red.  We had a huge argument.  I was so hurt and furious as she was my best friend and and new the financial difficulties I was in.  I saw red and chased her to school.  The rest is a blur.  It didn´t feel like me.

Now I am up in court.  What do I plead?  The guilt is my life sentence anyway.


A terrible thing has happened at school! Today we entered the class as we do every Monday morning to discover a crime had been committed!!!

There is white tape marking the shape of a body on the floor. A murder has been committed and everyone thinks I am guilty. We think  it may be Miss Owen as she is not at school today, but the police won’t tell us the identity of the victim.

I was the last child in my class to leave the school on Friday because I have ballet. The police say the crime took place at 3.30pm. This can not be the case as I was changing out of my ballet clothes in the classroom and nobody else was there.

The body must have been moved to the class afterwards it can’t have happened as the police say, but nobody will believe me.

How do I prove it didn’t happen at 3.30 or that it happened somewhere else???